We make custom conventional and microtonal guitars.

What is a microtonal instrument? See last panel for helpful links.

All of our guitars, basses and tapping instruments are custom made to your specifications from hardwoods that have been air dried in Denver Colorado (average humidity 50%-- perfect!) for at least 20 years. We make the necks, bodies, pickups and micrometer style tuning machines (we use commercial pickups and tuning machines when appropriate).  Fret slots are cut on a Sharp mill with an accuracy of 1/5000 of an inch.

We also modify existing 12 equal note per octave guitars and other stringed instruments  to make them microtonal. Count the frets.

Tapping Instruments

We also build unusual instruments, including the tapping instruments Matrix (on the left) and the StarrBoard.

Custom Guitars and Basses

Write to us at john@StarrettGuitars.com for prices on your custom design.